Sunday, 15 January 2012

#21 Inspired by completing the story

This week Pam asked us to go back over some of our old(er) layouts and see where the fuller story is missing and then to complete it.

Actually my layouts tend to fall into two categories and that was confirmed by the process of looking through my pages. Either I just make a page because I like the picture or the products or I'm playing; or I make a page where there's quite a lot to say. And I have to say that most of the time, I'm happy to say that I really do say a lot ;-) This made me realise that my stories are not always the most important part of my creating but I really enjoy filling out the bones of those stories that are.

The part of this process that was the most difficult was actually looking through my old layouts! When we moved 2 1/2 years ago, I stuffed all my layouts in any album and page protector that came to hand. And since that time not a single layout has been put into an album! *Shock horror*! So I went and looked into those older albums and was horrified at the quality of those early layouts and not only was the story often missing but everything else too! So I felt a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to identify something in there. And since then, all the layouts are either sitting in a huge pile next to my desk or in a big plastic box. I feel sick just looking at them all neglected and warping :-(

But not to be deterred, I picked up the most recent pile but these stories were mostly pretty complete. I was really wondering what to go for. There are always more stories to tell about our Nova Scotia or Yukon adventures and a lot of relationship stories but these felt too big to tackle today - whether that's right or wrong.

And then two layouts sprung to mind which use the same photos but have STILL not told the story behind them. They are photos from my special birthday party and I've used them on two different relationship pages because I love how much they say about our feelings for each other, but really, they relate to a story about our very first ever dance. So I made the layout.

Just incase anyone is interested in the story :-)

Yes, I now have three layouts that feature almost identical photos, but you know what? I'm totally OK about that. I love the fact that these photos have now not only told the story itself, but also two other aspects of our time together.

What stories have you not really told or haven't told in as full a way as needed? Both Pam and I are excited to see what you create this week.

Link up over at our Flickr gallery using the tag WM#21 and we'll "see" you there!


  1. I use to think that you should or could only scrap photos one time, but I've changed my mind on this thought awhile ago. Sometimes there are so many stories that can be told with the same photos. And sometimes the photos tell the story. It's all good. As long as the story is told! Well done Lisa! Very inspiring and I love the photos!

  2. I love that you've scrapped these again - it's a story worth telling. I love the photos too - you make such a lovely couple, all dressed up and with such love and humour :). The loopy flower is lovely too!

  3. FYI - you haven't posted this to the Flickr group yet...
    Love it, love it, love it! Beautiful & romantic & the story is so sweet - thx for sharing :~)


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