Sunday, 15 January 2012

#21 inspired by completing a story

A crazy week at work left me with little time [and desire] to play. I kept postponing going through old layouts, though that is one of my favorite activities.

However, today while I was jazzing up my blog, [daily pamage], I found this entry [the story behind a layout]. I knew then and there that I wanted my actual journal entry in a layout. I loved re-reading my aha moment. Then I remembered this challenge and thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a companion page.

Because the supplies were all digital I was able to use the same patterns/papers to complete the companion page. However, I took a different design approach and I added my beloved buttons.

Here is a look at my challenge page (and also my third all-digi page!)

Try hard as I might, I am not as comfortable with the digital stuff, so the style departs a little bit from what I am used to. I guess I could have created a paper layout and just used some of the colors on the original page to tie it all in, but since I was already using the typed journaling straight from my blog entry I figured this would be easier. I am sending both pages to a photo developing lab right now. These are two stories I need to have in my albums.

I hope you were able to complete a story. If you did, we would love to see it so remember to tag it WM#21. We miss having you gals play along. I can't wait to see how Lisa took on this challenge. Remember to come back on Monday for a spanking-new challenge.

Oh and I would love feedback on the changes I made to my blog, so pay me a visit and let me know what you think - Daily Pamage.


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  1. Such a clever, typical you approach to this prompt! Love it and wow for the digi layout. Digi will never be in my repertoire (the way I think right now anyway) but I'm in awe of those who do it. The colours are great, the photo is perfect and the story is of course, awesome. You set the bar pretty high each week :-)


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