Sunday, 8 January 2012

#20 Inspired by turning points

When I think back on my life I've so many turning points that I could have chosen for this week's challenge layout but in the end my love of BasicGrey won out! I've saved some of the other ideas for a later time although sometimes I'm missing the photos so I need to get a bit more creative with telling my story too. Does anyone else have that problem? Too many ideas? Layouts to make but no photos? Or maybe even, too big a story for the time you have available? I need to come up with a few strategies for these problems. Any ideas welcome ;-)

Anyway, back to BasicGrey. I kept thinking about when I first started scrapbooking and realised that this was a tiny story that hadn't been told. And as it so happens, I still had some of the very first items I ever bought so the two came together quite nicely. What didn't gel so well was the design of the page. But never mind...

I write about the first time I went to a shop selling scrapbook supplies and how I fell in love with it right there and then. I saw and bought my first BasicGrey on that day and the hoarder that I am, I still had a full sheet of tags and a mini-book thing that I decided had to be used today. The mini-book was falling apart (from age!) and so I cut it apart and used it on my layout to house my journalling and also my little accordion book of photos which are hidden underneath featuring the first 4 layouts I ever made and my most recent four. (What a difference!)  I challenged myself to use all the tags and just made a collage at the bottom of the page with lots of loopy twine and popped my title there.

I feel that something is needed directly below the journalling and the top left corner is awfully bare compared to the jumble of the rest of the page - any ideas?

This is definitely not the best layout I've ever made but it includes product that is about to celebrate its 6th anniversary and records a turning point in my crafty endeavours. Job done!

I'm struggling to find my groove this side of New Year and this layout was a bit of an effort to tell you the truth so I'm really looking forward to seeing what Pam has created and to her challenge which should be up here tomorrow.


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  1. Lisa - SO LOVE that little minibook w/ LO photos. Love that you used product from that actual day. And no worries dear, it's only Jan 8th. You have plenty of time to find your groove (or make your groove a bit bigger!!!) ;) xoxo Heidi


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