Monday, 9 January 2012

Challenge #21 Week of 9th January, 2012

Hello again. Your stories are important. I don't get tired of saying it. For that reason I love journaling. The more heartfelt the better. But sometimes we get caught up in the moment of trying out new techniques or playing along in a challenge to use three colors or four photos or five patterned papers -- and we forget to tell the story.

Have no fear. There is still time! You can always go back and complete a story. That is your challenge for this week. I want you to spend a few minutes with old pages (or not so old) and read what you wrote. Now, don't go crazy with this. Just flip until you find a page where you think something is missing. Did you tell the full story? Is it  really complete? Is there something you know now that you didn't then? What else would you like to add now?

With that page and story in mind you can do a few things:

- make a companion page. By using some of the same colors or patterns you can make a single page into a double page spread. Even if you don't have the same papers or embellishments by repeating a theme and style
you can create a cohesive page.

- make a whole new layout. You can use the same photos (yes, the same ones) or others from this event/date/place to add some details to your story. Even if these pages will sit in different albums or places inside an album your overall story will be more complete.

- Add a page of just journaling. As you can see by in my layout last week adding a different sized page of just journaling is a good way to tell a story without altering the design of a Page. Even if you don't have
different sized page protectors you can learn how to make your own using a sewing machine [here]. 

I hope this helps you get started in rethinking how to complete some of these stories before we forget them for good. I have one last request - please don't alter your original in any way! It may seem harder to do but the purpose of this challenge isn't to make you doubt the choices you made back then. I want to inspire you to complete the story!

If you do complete a layout this week please add it to our Flickr group with the tag WM#21. Have a great week.


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  1. nice! my mind is already whirring. but which one to choose?


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