Monday, 12 September 2011

Challenge #7 Week of 09/12/11

This week's challenge was inspired by the great Stacy Julian and her challenge during the creative crop for National Scrapbooking Day on BPC. Her challenge was to scrapbook someone you love using 10 words + 10 techniques + 10 products. 

Of course, since I have a thing for odd numbers, I have changed it up a tiny bit.

I suggest we use 9 products + 9 words + 9 techniques. 

Now of course, feel free to adapt this to fit your style. You can choose "buttons" as one of your products and use as many as you want or "1 button" and count each button as one product. I know you will probably fall for the former, but I think it'll be interesting to see where this challenge leads us. It will give us freedom to play. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

#6 Inspired by sketches

Challenge #6 was this Page Maps sketch, but we should change it out a little - make more our own.

Sketch courtesy of Page Maps September 2011
I also wanted to make my first Departing Summer (Counterfeit Kit) layout so I combined both the Whimsical Musings weekly challenge and my kit. Strike!

In the end it turned out unpretty and hopefully, a bit boyish instead of the pretty girlie layout I'd had in mind when I first saw the sketch!

I decided to make a second layout using the sketch because I wanted something prettier!

I created the clear embossed background as part of a CKC challenge and kept the "stuff" on top of it to a minimum so that it would show through. I just thought the butterflies were so pretty.

One of the things I love the most about this sketch is the row of photos - you know how I love the multi-photo layout - and when I looked at all that pink, I thought of my (somewhat Diva-ish according to her mum) niece! Photos spanning the years. Perfect.

Thanks for looking!

#6 Inspired by Sketches

For the modified sketch, I decided to add a row of photos because I felt this layout was ideal for this story. I also swapped the super-girly elements with more playful ones. Overall using a sketch made this process much easier. I once more reaffirmed my love for starting points. Here's a look at my take:

Happy creating and until next time.


Monday, 5 September 2011

Challenge #6 week of 5th September 2011

This week, I've picked out the prettiest Page Maps sketch for us to use.

I was going to chose a double layout as neither of us make them so often but this was so pretty with the little doily cluster, the multiple photos and the tags/tickets that it won for me

Sketch courtesy of Page Maps September 2011 - Whimsical Musings Weekly Challenge #6

However, I want us to change one thing about it to really make it our own. I know this is what we both do anyway but I have got a bit lazy with sketches recently and this is more for me than anything :-)

Can't wait to see what you make of it.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

#5 Inspired by Anthropologie

Pam got all inspired by Anthropologie for challenge #5 and picked out a page from their internet site for us to take inspiration from. 

Whimsical Musings Weekly Challenge #5 Inspiration from Anthropologie

I thought about all sorts of different ideas for this one. Using the same photo several times with different photo effects on them, different coloured vellums, just multiple black and white copies of the same photo with one in colour, using strips of paper instead of photos but in the end, decided to just use up some of the photos I have but mute them down with standard vellum, leaving one on the top.

I like the result although I'm not sure about the bottom cluster. Pam suggested I move it up to the bottom join between the main photo and the one of the left of it and I followed her advice but don't have an updated photo. It looks much better now!

Thanks for looking!

#5 Inspired by Anthropologie

I just loved the colors and the muted photos on the sides. I came up with this for my challenge:

I decided to use paper strips on the sides with colors that complimented the feel of the layout. I also splattered some ink. One of my new favorite techniques. I am pretty pleased with the results. And thanks to Shimelle's 4x6 love class from August I was able to fit 7 additional photos in the inside of the spread that add to the story. (Those are private, tee hee). 

Until next time.



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