Monday, 16 January 2012

Challenge #22 week of 16th January 2012

Another Monday, another week, another challenge. And I'm still feeling the January feeling.

Now, January is not my favourite time of the year. But it's still a very specific time in the cycle of the year and this year, I'm finding it more prevalent than other years and this has driven my thinking for this week's challenge.

I change out my blog header each month and under the title I try to come up with a little one-liner that sums up the new month. Over the last couple of weeks, I've found myself saying, writing and thinking this month's. So I'm passing this onto you to see how this will take you creatively.

New year, new beginnings

There are so many ways to interpret this in full or part from resolutions and goals through to new friendships, learning something new, the beginning of a new season, trying out something new or a welcome new addition to the family. You could even try something new on your page - a new paper range you've not tried before, a new technique or the style of a new designer you've seen online.

I looked back over my pages to see if I could find a few examples and came up with these:

The story of a new life

The story of a new tradition

The story of learning something new

Have fun with new beginnings this week and tune back in next weekend to see what Pam and I have created to document the new in our lives.

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