Monday, 23 January 2012

Challenge #23 Week of 23 January, 2012

Hello all! We meet again. My intention for last week's challenge was to document my new room. I am working on re-decorating my space, which is part bedroom, part workspace. Of course, as the week went on, I realized I wouldn't finish in time for this challenge.

But after two weeks of working with these patterns and colors, I am ready to scrap with them too. It is not a stretch from my usual color scheme. I am thrilled at the prospect of all of you scrapping along with me [and possibly inspiring me in my interior design endeavors].

Here are some pins that served for my inspiration [here, here and here].

And for a sneak peak into my new and improved space...

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to be inspired by this combination of colors: Chartreuse, Citron, Coral and Pink with a hint of Teal as an accent color. I find it to be refreshing and reminiscent of Spring or Easter and also vintage in the patterns - which you can tie into Grandmas or childhood stories. It is playful, fresh and fun. I hope these ideas bring a story to mind. If not, what does this color scheme remind you of?

As always, I hope you play along [this time with an agenda of gathering additional inspiration for the finishing touches - hope you don't mind]. If you do play along, please share with us in our flick'r gallery and remember to tag it WM#23.

See you next Sunday! Have a great scrappin week ya'll.



  1. oh wow - such a gorgeous colour scheme - will try to get to this sooner rather than later as I'm away at the weekend. thanks for another great prompt

  2. As I re-read your post, I feel as if I could make an entirely different layout, especially the part about the details. After reading more on your blog about what you have done at home I would have included many more "dressmaker details" as you did in your room makeover. You are so incredibly skilled & make your dreams come true on a daily basis - quite inspiring, Pam!


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