Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Challenge #5 Week of 08/29/11

I have been on an anthropologie kick lately (I got the most gorgeous dress from there the other day). Every time I am in the store I feel inspired to create. I don't know if they have this store by you, but I figured it couldn't hurt to use this as an inspiration. I found the following page and just loved it.

The challenge for this week is to use that page as an inspiration. You can use the sketch of it, or the colors, or the lengthy journaling placement. I love the vertical sections of photos showing. I might copy that idea... or perhaps you can use patterned paper for those blocks. Let inspiration guide you.


Monday, 29 August 2011

#4 Inspired by Pinterest, Color and Texture

For some reason these muted tones remind me Victorian Romance so I struggled with infusing my playful, whimsical and bold nature into the layouts, but I feel I succeeded in my, not one, but two attempts. That's right, I ended up loving the combo so much I made two layouts. And as an added bonus, I used up product that has been sitting in their respective color boxes for a while overlooked. Yay!


Sunday, 28 August 2011

#4 Inspired by Pinterest, colour & texture

Week #4 was inspired by this gorgeous photo I'd found on Pinterest. I immediately knew I wanted to use it one week for my challenge - the colours are just so gorgeous and I loved all the texture and items that could also be used for inspiration.

The challenge proved more difficult than I had anticipated as when I looked through my supplies, I realised that I had very few papers in these tones. I didn't want to go too obvious and just go for BG Ambrosia and was determined to find a few items from different collections. After a lot of rummaging, I did manage to come up with a dozen or so papers in grey and coral tones and figured that when I got to it, I'd manage to rustle up some bits for embellies. In the end I found papers from BG Ambrosia, Marrakech, Oliver and Curio, and Making Memories Paper Reverie Sienne. The embellishments ended up from just about all over my room including some vintage Bellaboo sewing thread, buttons, seam binding that I Glimmer Misted, pins and a flower brad that caught my eye.

Even though I usually shy away from sewing because of the time it takes, I decided to go for it this time around and was happy with the added texture and dimension it added.

Looking at the layout now, I think I will probably change out the journalling for a single strip across the page, but that can wait for now. I also struggle with journalling for these types of pages - what to write when the subject of the page is just a building with not all that much story around it?

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Challenge #4 week of 22nd August 2011

Week #4 of the weekly Whimsical Musings challenge

I found this gorgeous photo on Pinterest and immediately knew I wanted to use it one week for my challenge - the colours are just so gorgeous and I loved all the texture and items that could also be used for inspiration.

Grey is a colour I am totally loving right now so this jumped right out at me and I love the combination of the grey with the coral. However, there’s more here than just the colour. There’s texture, haberdashery, ribbons, buttons, flowers. I can see all sorts of ways our inspiration might take us with this one.

The Pinterest link is here ( http://pinterest.com/pin/106063437/)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

#3 Inspired by connections

Whimsical Musings challenge #3 was set by Pam and was all about making connections. Something we both love to do in our scrapbooking storytelling but sometimes something that takes a bit of time and thought to do. 

Pam challenged me to pick three or more seemingly unrelated photos and find a connection to scrap about. 

The most difficult thing for me was to just pick three photos without already thinking about which to pick and why. In the end, I lifted down three different year binders and flipped through grabbing a handful of interesting shots – 2007, 2008 and 2009. I had chosen some photos of the two of us together and decided to bring together these photos that are all very nice, but have no story. Nothing really special about them. When I looked at three of them (one from each year) I realised that what they represent is our family. Our little exclusive family of 2. That was the layout. And that was what I made.

I used my Counterfeit kit “Balmy” and created a little flat cluster in a different position than usual for me which made a nice change.

I didn't need much journalling but made sure I included the title of the Marvin Gaye/Kim Weston song, “It Takes Two” as it's the one we chose for our wedding and is totally perfect for us.

Whimsical Musings week #3 and Counterfeit Challenge layout #2

Thanks for looking!

#3 Inspired by Connections

For my layout, I decided to start by building my page focusing on the fun-ness of creating a culti photo layout - without photos! After the entire layout was assembled minus the photos and title, I searched my box for pictures to scrap and found three unconnected photos that highlight some of my favorite things. And thus, a layout was born.

I am so grateful we are keeping up with this weekly ritual since it pushes me to sit at my creating table at least once a week. 

Until next time,

Monday, 15 August 2011

Challenge #3 Week of 08/15/11

It is a new week and it is time for a new challenge. This week, the topic is "Connections"... I have realized that over time my favorite layouts are those in which I make connections of some sort. 

Sometimes the connections are completely straightforward, such as several pictures of the same place or person

some connections are less straightforward, like comparing photos from the past and finding similarities...

some connections are just an important part of documenting your life... sort of the lines that tie the dots between two pictures...

So, above I have provided you some samples of previous layouts I have done that emphasize connections to give you a head start. 

Your challenge, if you chose to accept it - Take 3 or more seemingly unrelated pictures and make a layout focusing with the journaling or the title on the connection between these pictures. I challenge you to choose pictures as unrelated as possible. The results will surprise you more. If you whimp out a little and chose pictures that are clearly related, try to dig a little deeper with the journaling. Either way, make a multi-photo page highlighting a connection between them that tells a story about your life.

I wish you luck on your journey and look forward to seeing your results.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

#2 Inspired by words

For week #2, I decided to jump right out of the box by offering up a quote and life motto from the US Polar explorer Norman Vaughan, “Dream Big and Dare To Fail”. When I first heard him talk about his life and motto back in 2007 it resonated so much with me that it stuck and I try to use it as my own motto.

I created two layouts, the first of which might turn into a series of “Bucket List” ideas. I've always wanted to go to the Antarctic and it deserves place number 1 on my list!

And then I just wanted to capture a few words inspired by the motto itself. I used the Scrap Happy sketch for August for the design and my new August Counterfeit Kit, “Balmy”.

Layout #2 for Whimsical Musings and #1 for Counterfeit Kit Challenge

Thanks for looking!

#2 Inspired by Words

I took the easy way out and chose to just be inspired by the words and not the big picture. 

Here is my take on this quote:

all the little elements came together so well. I was pleased with the prompt and where it took me creatively. Thank you Lisa for a great challenge.


Monday, 8 August 2011

Challenge #2 week of 8th August 2011

Week 2 was my turn and I decided to jump right out of the box by offering up a quote and life motto from the US Polar explorer Norman Vaughan:

“Dream Big and Dare To Fail” 

I read a lot of non-fiction and one of my favourite  subjects is polar exploration - from the era when exploration really meant  just that - early 1900's. I have quite a collection of books on the subject.  One day, when I was walking to work, I was listening to a National Geographic  podcast featuring a famous Antarctic explorer Norman Vaughan who was talking  about his upcoming 100th birthday when he was planning a trip back down to the South Pole to the mountain that had been named after him. The guy was so interesting but the bit that captured my imagination the most was when he started talking about his life motto. Right there, in the middle of the street I knew that I had discovered a life motto I could relate to... 

So, take this motto and see where it leads you, both on the page and in your life.

(If I can work out how to upload the podcast here, I will. You have to hear him. So full of life.)


Sunday, 7 August 2011

#1 Inspired by colour

Pam kicked off week #1 with this gorgeous colour scheme:

I immediately thought of Canda when I saw this wonderful nature-toned palette so Engineer Creek seemed to be a perfect fit with all those shades of sunshine yellow. I fell back on my favourite Cosmo Mr Campy (might have to get even more of this!) and created another little snippet of my Yukon story.

Thanks for looking!

#1 Inspired by Color

Although I had my doubts that I could be inspired by this color combo, I actually came up with two layouts...

I used less brown and more tones of grey, but they just fit the photos and subjects. I chose the photo of my friends because the sunflower reminded me of happy, cheery times. I chose the photo of my grandmother because she loves sunflowers. Overall, I am a little impressed with what a color card can draw out in terms of inspiration.

Until next week and the next challenge...


Monday, 1 August 2011

Challenge #1 Week of 08/01/11

I hope you are ready to embark on our weekly challenges. The challenge for this week is a color combo. It is a definite challenge because it is a combination not used too often, but I thought it was a good place to start and we have a week to ponder it. I hope you can find some inspiration in it.

The link from Design Blooms is here.

Anyway, you have till Sunday to post your creation. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 


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