Sunday, 22 January 2012

#22 Inspired by the new

This week I asked you to scrap something new and it's funny but I often have no idea what I will do for the challenge as I write it.

This week was such a case in point and all week I kept my eyes and mind open for new. There were plenty of things that I could have done but this morning, I was dozing in bed with a horrible headache listening to my husband pottering around, chatting to me occasionally. And suddenly I realised how I live my life with a new language since I met him  - well some of the time anyway ;-) It's become so normal for me that I sometimes forget how new it all was when I first met him and then when I moved over here.

I actually learnt German in school for two years and at the end of that time, couldn't actually say anything so it's strange now that I'm (grammatically incorrect but) fluent these days and it's become part of my life. "Ich liebe dich" is a phrase I never imagined I would need. I love how fate takes you to places you could never have planned.

So I tried to find a photo that hasn't yet been used and this one came up - it's old, from our Nova Scotia holiday back in 2006. But that's ok, the message is timeless. And for a double win, I used my Counterfeit Kit Challenge November Glory kit which has been sorely underused.  I like the combination of colours and I think the splash of blue really lifts the whole thing.

What's new in your life? I can't wait to see.

Pam will be here soon with her share and then come back again tomorrow for the new challenge. I'm always excited to check the blog first thing on the Monday mornings when Pam sets the challenge - we don't communicate what the next prompt will be so it's such a great surprise and gets my brain working right away.

Don't forget to share your creations with us over at Flickr (tag: WM#22).

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  1. you title + subtitle are so lovely. They are really touching and romantic. I loved your "new" and the details/cluster as always add so much sentiment to your page. Great colors and great photo too. You can see the love with even reading the journaling.

    well done!


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