Sunday, 4 November 2012

#63 Inspired by Random Photo Collections

Sooooo happy to be here today - with power and heat restored. In case you didn't know, I live in Northern New Jersey. And although I wasn't directly affected by the ravaging Hurricane Sandy, I live on the periphery and suffered from the side effects (such as having not heat, electricity or internet for a few days).

Anyway, it has been a very long week, but I gladly bring you two new layouts for this week's prompt of random photo collections.

If you stopped by the discussion board this week you know that I had many options to choose from. In end I narrowed it down to two, which incidentally were related. I guess I can always go back and make some of the other pages.

My first layout focuses on my knack to photograph my feet. I find that it is a quick and easy way to document where I am. Or what is going on around me. Also, my feet never have bad hair days, or need makeup, or have blemishes. *wink* so they are always at the ready. This page now documents that. Even though I have used some of these photos before in the context they were taken in, I think they tell a whole different story when paired together like this.  

The second page covers a peripheral story to the last - part of the reason I walk so much is because I don't drive. And spending so much time in the car (or bus) I have developed a habit for photographing my lap. I usually have my camera at the ready or my ipod hooked up or a drink in my hands. I really enjoy this page as well. 

Although you can't see my face in either of these pages, they are so me and I love how much of my story they tell. There's a tip for you, self-portraits don't have to include your face... and you can make pages about yourself without it too. 

Hope you all had a good week and if you were in the path of this storm that you were able to stay warm and dry.


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  1. i love that we both made sunburst type designs :-)

    I of course, love your collection of photos on each of the layouts - many of which I have already seen but when they are all together like this, they say so much. Well done for finding out what they say and then to make such beautiful layouts. I struggled to limit my choices and then tried to hard with the design and promptly forgot the journalling! Ha ha! You can tell I'm out of the habit. he he!

    No, your pages are just lovely. thanks for the inspiration


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