Saturday, 24 November 2012

#66 Inspired by Star Signs

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday {for our U.S. readers}. There is just so much to be grateful for these days in my life. I knew my week would be full so I had to get right to work on this challenge by Lisa.

When I read the challenge I knew I didn't just want to do a page about being a Sagittarius, but rather what makes me such a good one. So I searched for quotes, descriptions, traits, etc.

It didn't take long in my search to come across this wonderful quote which in a nutshell is me. I have done several pages about the fact that I am single... but never talked about the fact that I am happily and willingly single. {This theory} that it may be tied to the stars makes it even more magical and interesting.

For the title I decided to play on the nickname for my sign: the Archer. I feel it adds another dimension to the story and how I feel when paired with the quote.

one of the coolest new things I tried here was printing on a tag, which I decided to try after {this tutorial by Aimee Maddern}

  I also decided to make my own little archer embellie by stamping my initial, an arrow and adding a bracket from the title alpha. I think it's pretty cute and totally fitting to the story. 

It was really fun to make and come up with the page. Definitely outside of the box for me. Thanks Lisa for this wonderful prompt.


ps: Oh and Happy Birthday, Special girl. We love you so much! 

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