Monday, 29 October 2012

Challenge # 63 - Week of October 29, 2012

Hello again.

Back in my grandma's time (and as recently as my childhood) photos and film were expensive and not as easily accessible  Therefore, in those days you only photographed big events, holidays and trips and your shots were farther and few between these events. 

Digital cameras [and I would add phone cameras] have changed this for us. 

Take for example this little collage.

A quick sweep of my hard-drive turned up this collection of images. Yes, I love Pepsi. I drink one daily... but why do I have so many pictures of pepsi cans and bottles?  Back in the days of film I would have never wasted it on capturing this silly aspect of my daily life. But I think the fact we have this technology and use it this way is a telling story in and of itself. These images mean something to us and that is why we take them.

an older page I made about my love of Pepsi for another WM challenge...
Like this example, there are tons more of photos I collect because it really doesn't cost me anything to take them. For you this may be flowers, clouds, self-portraits in front of a mirror, Starbucks drinks, your kids with their faces dirty, your husband reading the newspaper, the inside of your closet, your messy scrap desk, a certain tree by your house, your puppy napping by the fireplace... Did that list spark any ideas?

Well that is our inspiration point for this week - I want you to create a page using a collection of photos featuring the same topic all taken at different points in time. What does this collection of photos say about you and what is important to you?

I hope you are able to spend some time looking through your pictures. I think you will be surprised with what you find. 
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  1. this was such a great prompt and one I could do over and over! your pepsi layout was also so inspiring that I nearly scraplifted the design. but I will sometime - great page!


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