Sunday, 18 November 2012

#65 Inspired by Album Covers

Hope you had a great week. At the time this post goes live I will be strolling about in the nation's capital. Just a little weekend getaway. So I had to hurry up and get to work this week.

As you know last week I decided we were due for a quirky prompt - and I finally challenged you to use Album Covers as your source of Inspiration. This has been on my wishlist for prompts for a while... 

So of course I was excited to try it myself.

And in true quirky fashion I added tons of doodles, mists, markers, sequins, confetti, punches...

I used {this} album cover as my inspiration and although I took a few liberties with the design I think it is easy to see the concept and in my opinion it translated nicely to this layout. I don't think it feels forced or like a CD cover at all - and yet that was the starting point.

There were a few others I wanted to try but time didn't allow for much this week. So there you have it - my whimsical layout.



  1. oh, this is just sumptuous! I love it. wowza girl. you have set the bar SO high. Mine will be somewhat downbeat in comparison to this. Fabulous job.

  2. Gurl!!!
    utterly amazing - you so captured the whole feeling/vibe of the inspiration but without really "copying" anything - it's your gift :~)
    Mine is almost entirely literal, lol... YOU inspire me!


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