Sunday, 25 November 2012

#66 inspired by star signs

I have to say that Pam knocked this prompt out of the park! She never fails to impress and once again I adore what she did this week.

And by the quality of her creations, she pushes me to try harder :-)

So this week, I had a bit of an direction of what I wanted to do with this prompt but I had a few ideas and it took until today for the one to come to the fore.

I'm a cusp girl and this gives me Sagittarius characteristics along with the strong Scorpio and is probably one of the reasons I clicked with Pam so strongly and also the reason it works so well with my husband. Water and fire is not always a good combination but this time it works!

So the cusp side of things was the direction I wanted to go and to highlight one or two of those personality traits from each side of the line.

Sorry for the poor quality, electric light toned photos - I'm really fighting with the light now that winter is coming.

But my November Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, Dempster is giving me the warm autumn colours that make me feel great right now. We've had some beautiful November weather recently and I was even lucky enough to have blue skies on my special day - now that makes me smile!

Where will the stars take you this week?

Hope you'll share and let us know where you are on the signs.

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