Monday, 5 November 2012

#63 inspired by random photo collections

I love the way Pam's brain ticks and this week's prompt was no exception to the funky direction she takes us. This was the perfect prompt for me and I could probably repeat it every week with all those random photos I know that I have if only I tracked them down. I know that many of you have seen some layouts over the months with some of them - sky, clouds, trees, flowers, selfies... I have them all!

And so it was quite tough this week to limit myself to one set. And I only skimmed through a few months worth of photos too. In the end, I printed this set of autumn 2012 and another set which I'm hoping to use this week too. But you won't be surprised to see that autumn won. You just KNOW that it's my favourite time of year and these photos just make me HAPPY!

I used a design I'd seen on Pinterest but at the time I came to make it, I couldn't get to it so I just went with the look I could remember. The sunburst design is very popular right now and I'm glad I gave it a go although I'm not convinced with the result!

But it was fun to try it out and test a new technique to see how it fits. Not bad for a first attempt although the photo is pretty bad - these darker days are proving problematic already!

After such a long time out of the habit of regular paper stroking, it's great to be back. It may be a bit of a slow start, but I have high hopes that I can keep up the pace. Internet or no internet!

So, thanks Pam for giving me something great to work with this week! Can't wait to see what she thrills us with.

Don't forget to share your creations over at Flickr in the Whimsical Musings gallery (here) using the tag WM#63 (or whichever week it is that you are using for inspiration)

Have a great week everyone, the new prompt will be up in the morning.

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