Monday, 19 November 2012

Challenge #66 week of November 19th 2012

Pam and I have a lot in common. Even though we are so different! And we just fit.

Such a good friendship... :-)

And one of the things we share is November birthdays.

My November birthday has always been special to me even in the years when I didn't like November all that much because I always knew that it was special to be a Scorpio. I'm not fanatical about star signs but there's something to it that intrigues me and a lot of truth to be found in the characteristics of each sign. My ascending sign is Sagittarius and so there's a lot of that sign in me too, even though the good (and bad!) parts of Scorpio are stronger. Maybe another reason why Pam and I fit (she's on the other side of the cusp!)

Anyway, you might remember this layout from LOAD earlier this year and I was surprised to find that I hadn't talked about being a Scorpio on my pages before. Sometimes the best layout subjects are right under our noses.

So this week, I'm asking you to be inspired by Star Signs. Your own, someone you know, serious or light hearted.

Be inspired by your rising sign.

Don't forget to share your creations with us and our merry band over at Flickr (here) with the tag WM#66.

And if you go back and look at older prompts (and we LOVE that too!) let us know which one by using the corresponding tag too. We love it when you share.

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