Monday, 30 July 2012

Challenge #50 week of 30th July 2012

Hi again and apologies that this is a tad late up.


I had two possible prompts for this week and then suddenly at lunchtime today, I changed my mind and  just knew what I needed to challenge you...

You *may* have heard on the news (wink!) that the 2012 Olympics started on Friday evening. And what a start it was!

Now, I may be ever so slightly biased but WOW! What a show! And I know that I am beating the whole British thing a bit too much recently but we are having a great year and I think the London Olympics is something that most of the nation are proud of. The opening ceremony was everything that's good about British culture, style and humour, and I was sitting there with a lump in my throat (again!).

But back to the matter in hand. I challenge you this week to be inspired by the Olympics.

Whether you take that literally by creating a layout with a sporting theme, or maybe even about the Olympics itself, or whether you take a more abstract approach to this, maybe picking up the colours, the spirit or even a trip to Greece maybe, have fun with this and go for gold!

No, unfortunately I wasn't there at the ceremony but I managed a few not so perfect shots of the TV coverage!

Quite breathtaking

The Olympic flame just after the 7 young, "next generation", had lit it. I think it's stunning. 

If you decide to join in, and you know that we love it when you do, don't forget to share over in our Flickr gallery with the tag WM#50. We would love to see where this takes you this week.

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