Sunday, 1 July 2012

#45 Inspired by social media

I really related to Pam's prompt this week once I'd given it some thought. Does that happen to you?

At first, I just thought that I don't really engage on FB (I'm a serious lurker) and I stopped tweeting some time ago so it would be hard to really fulfill this prompt. But then I started to think about my own blog and of course Whimsical Musings, and Flickr, and Instagram, and What'sApp and realised that I am totally and utterly engaged, just not on the minute by minute tweet/update kind of thing. And I need this connection or I'm lost. If I don't have online access, I feel helpless! Silly I know.

Pam is such a huge part of that connection these days. I am always amazed at how close I can feel to her and yet we've never even spoken to each other :-)

So the subject of my layout was suddenly clear. Our mutual creative endeavour and the reason you are here reading this and sharing your creations!

It's not a deep and meaningful layout. I will make one of those but today I was in the mood to play a little with my CKC June kit, Subtlety and to use some inspiration I found over on Pinterest (here).

I'm a bit disappointed that the banner isn't really diagonal enough and now just looks a bit wonky! But anyway!

I'll be getting the next post up for the morning but in the meantime, don't forget to share your creations (with the tag WM#45) over at our Flickr gallery (use the page link at the top of the blog here - did you notice that Pam has given us a bit of a facelift!?!).

Until then, Happy 1st July!

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