Monday, 30 July 2012

# 49 - Inspired by names

I, like Lisa, had a story to tell for every one of the ideas I posted about last week... But this has been on my "to do" list for a long time, so it was time to focus. I will get to the other stories someday and I promise to add and tag them on the flick'r gallery.

In the meantime, here is my accomplished story. 

 the design was inspired/lifted from this wonderful layout by Emily Spahn {here}
I debated with whether the photo should be of me present day, a collage image with my namesakes or a baby photo. A baby photo won out because I decided I will be placing it in my baby album as part of the stories of when I was born. 

 I had to get creative with my alphas but I loved the repetition of the gray color and this one was the only gray alpha I had which was missing some key letters.
 Here is the printed journaling card outside of it's pocket for your reading pleasure. Fun story, huh? More on my namesake {here}
and here's a peak of how the journaling looks in it's home. It is meant for reading so I left enough of it peeking out as to invite others to pull out and read more. I placed it in an envelope for the aesthetics I was trying to portray and not because it is private journaling. So I wanted to make it obvious.

Pleased as punch with this one, mostly because of the trivial yet important story it tells.

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  1. Another piece of the puzzle for me! I knew half this story so I'm delighted to hear the other half - the bit with your mum! Love this layout and weren't you just THE most adorable baby? Oh my! Just delightful! I love the journalling treatment with that cute little envelope and the whole design is just great.

    I will have to quiz my mum again about why she wanted my name and make my layout. Thanks for a great prompt!


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