Monday, 23 July 2012

Challenge #49 - week of July 23rd, 2012

Well here we are again. A new week and a new challenge. Another topic driven week here for you.
This week we will be inspired by names. More specifically I want us to be inspired by where names come from. I love hearing stories of family names or how nicknames were born. Or the funny coincidences that happen when people marry and take new names.

And because I can't just leave you hanging like that, I want to give you a few ideas to get you going:

1. Were you named after someone? Or were your kids named after someone? Or your pets?
2. A nickname you or someone you know was given and the story behind it.
3. The meaning of your name - you can look it up at {}
4. Did you ever want to have another name? 
5. Have you ever given a proper name to an inanimate object?

Just a few suggestions to get your gears turning. Let's get those stories told.

And if you do, remember to upload it to Flick'r with the tag WM# 49. As always, Lisa and I will be posting our layouts by the end of the week, but you can always stop by the gallery to see other's creations.

Have a wonderful week.


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  1. Ooo, fun! My mind is whirring already. My name, my nickname, my married name, other names I want/ed. In fact I have a wonderfully terrible name I wanted as a teenager so you never know, I might do that one! Great prompt Pam!!


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