Sunday, 29 July 2012

#49 Inspired by names

Well, Pam really threw us a morsel of a prompt this week with her name challenge.

The biggest problem I had was deciding which way to go with the many ideas I had swimming round my head! Pam gave us a list of directions we could think about and each one inspired at least one layout for me.

That's another one of the wonderful side-effects of Whimsical Musings - a never ending list of future layout ideas. I don't even need to write them down as the inspiration is right here on the blog and over there in our Flickr gallery!

Anyway, back to this week's prompt. I decided to go down memory lane back to my teenage years and a crazy (well, I think that now!) idea about a new name for myself. Looking back, I find it hilarious but back then I was deadly serious!

I really don't have so many photos of my from those years, and I couldn't find a single one of me at 13 or 14 so I've just used one of me in my school uniform to represent that time. I think I might be about 16 in this photo. Ah, those were the days!

Rather than writing the journalling out here, I've included a photo so I hope you can read it- Go on, have a giggle at my younger self :-)

I'll get the next prompt up tomorrow as soon as I have a minute and in the meantime, what's YOUR name?!?

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  1. All week it's been in the back of my mind, trying to "grasp" at your teenage wished for name, and it came to me over the weekend. If you hadn't scrapped this, I WOULD have checked...


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