Monday, 6 August 2012

#50 Inspired by Olympics

Well truth is this prompt stumped me. It took me by surprise and left me seriously mulling over it. Mid-week, I struck genius when I remembered a time I participated in an event dubbed "Wacky Olympics"... but today when I visited my High School album, I proudly discovered I had already told that story, with pretty good journaling too {hooray for good storytelling}.

So I went back to the drawing board.  I decided I was taking this all way too seriously. Lisa gave us free reign to interpret this as we wanted, and what if I had no particular Olympics story I wanted to tell? I decided some of you might be in the same predicament. Well, I took to pinterest and after entering the word "Olympics" on the search bar, my screen filled with the iconic rings. I chose to be inspired by that symbol of the olympics and their color for this layout.

The subject of course is not sport related at all. But I am glad I told a story that was on my list and that has a place in my albums rather than create something for the sake of fulfilling a prompt. I love how everything came together once I had an idea. The little bits I pulled out all seemed to fit the story perfectly - such as the rain badge, as we got rained on our way to the theater... or the little trumpet... or the arrow stamp which reminds me of the logo on his drum set.

the torn paper came straight from the set list I took from the stage once the show was over. I covered it with vellum to give it a little more dimension as well as blend it in a little more. 

the title was also inspired by his drum set {seen clearly on the third picture} and I think this repetition ties in the circles to this page, rather than some random olympics colored rings. 
Thank you for playing along with us for another week of Whimsical Musings. I hope my take on the prompt, although a bit far fetched, gives you ideas of how you can adapt this to your own storytelling process and gives you permission to cheat a little. Go ahead.

If you create a page closely or losely inspired by the Olympics please share with us over at the gallery linked above and remember to tag your photo {WM#50}. I will be back shortly with the new prompt.



  1. I'm disappointed with myself that I haven't managed to get to this prompt yet. I won't have any time until Wednesday and I'm sad that it's always me who's late :-( sorry.

    But I totally adore your approach to the prompt and I disagree that you "cheated" in any way. Your interpretation of the prompt is perfect and one of the directions I'd hoped to see. To be honest, I don't really have an Olympic story of my own even though I chose the prompt. I might go the way of these games with team GB being strong and them being in London but I'm not sure.

    Your use of the circles and the repetition with the photo along with the incorporation of the playlist is amazing. Love it!! All those super cute elements you've added to the circles make it so perfect. Fantastic

    Do you have a linen effect on your photos?

  2. The year has gone so fast. Thanks for a great 12 months :-)


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