Sunday, 8 July 2012

#46 inspired by thoughts

This week Lisa challenged us to think a little or a lot.

Well, I am thinker, so this was easy. And I am usually aware of my thoughts. More than recent photos, or products, or prompts, my scrapbooking is mostly guided by thoughts that come up and drive a story. But I was more aware of my thoughts this week and listened carefully for story ideas.

A thought that kept coming up is how much I love my closest girlfriends and how lucky I am to have them. While I have hoards of pages about my relationship with each of them and our adventures together, I had never scrapped about them collectively. 

I am sure I would have eventually arrived at this story anyway, but this week allowed me the opportunity to get it told in a meaningful way. And the fact that three of my favorite people are on it makes me happy. 

The important thing here was the story so I just chose photos from my pile that didn't have an actual story. I have loads of those and layouts like this are my favorite way to use them up rather than trying to force a story about them.

my embellishments were pretty loud so I kept them to a bare minimum. I think they are so cute for a page about girls. Also my typed journaling is covering my initial handwritten journaling which was crooked and full of misspellings. Rather than trash the entire page I just created a text box in the size of my area on Word and then I treated the cardstock to green splats like all the other elements to make it fit in better.

Thanks Lisa for making us pay attention to our thoughts. We hope you will join us in adding your layout to our gallery. Just remember to tag it WM#46.


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  1. This is such a great thing to have captured this week. I'm so happy you brought these three important girls together and made this super cool page. The embellies are very girlie and the whole page is really super. Happy to see your little word box covering up your errors. I do things like that all the time :-)


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