Monday, 26 March 2012

Challenge #32 week of 26th March 2012

Happy Spring! And from our corner of the world, Happy Summer (daylight saving) time! We turned our clocks forward on Saturday evening here in Europe and wow, that extra hour of evening light makes such a different - pity about the darker mornings! I can feel the improved mood of everyone around me as summer starts to look more likely!

I'm actually writing this prompt early on Sunday morning as I'm going to be ever so slightly busy the next 48 hours as I have a visitor coming to see me. Someone I haven't seen for coming up to 14 years. My best friend from my time in the Philippines is touring Europe at the moment and is taking a detour to drop in to me in Germany (!) for two days. I think we are both really excited as this could be the last time we ever see each other. I think the chances of me getting over to the Philippines again is remote - it's a REALLY long way away! LOL.

But her visit got me thinking that I've never scrapped her or our relationship before. I have a small collection of pages from back then but mostly "me" focussed, and that's sad don't you think?

Which got me thinking about our next prompt. So this week, I'm challenging you to scrap about a relationship from the past that hasn't reached your pages yet. You can bet that I'll be featuring Alice on my layout this week but it doesn't necessarily have to be a friend, or even a person if you want to take the idea a little wider.

As well as recording my friendship with sweet Alice, I'm thinking that I could record my relationship on a wider level with the country itself:

Just realised that I have a wonky horizon! Will have to correct that. 

The weather there - hot and dry or hot and wet. And I didn't do anything with the colours of this photo! This is really a storm rolling in - it was intense!

I could talk about the company I worked for, my relationship to the work I did and of course, the wonderful colleagues/friends I had there

I had a pretty big hate/hate relationship to the traffic!

And I fell in love with the culture and made some amazing short trips around with friends I made there:

None of these ideas have yet been scrapped and now I have a whole list!

I hope you'll join in and think about someone or something that might have been neglected on your pages. Don't forget to upload your creation to our Flickr gallery with the prompt WM#32.


  1. I know EXACTLY what I want to do! Just last month, my husband said, "Have you ever done a page about my Mom?" The answer is no. I have a wonderful MIL and I really should have a page about her. Ideally, I would like a picture of the 2 of us and I don't even think I have one...that I can recall. She is coming over on Friday to watch the kids for us...I'll have to take one then. Thanks for the inspiration to get this important page done.

  2. wow Lynette that was fast! I have no idea what I'm gonna do but I'm glad you challenged us to do this because by the end of my books will be one story richer. :)


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