Sunday, 25 March 2012

#31 Inspired by Spring

Longer, warmer days with blue skies, chirping birds and an abundance of flowers are guaranteed to brighten up those winter blues so it was lovely for Pam to give us this prompt this week. 

I thought I was going to go deeper into the meaning of the prompt and had all sorts of ideas about rebirth or birth or new life (I have four siblings after all as well as two adorable nieces and a gorgeous nephew) but in the end I realised I just wanted to take some pretty pictures of my work on the balcony and go for something a bit more traditional.

Somehow, last year I missed spring altogether and our balcony never got the uplift it needed after one of the longest coldest winters ever, and it was very sad and drab all year long. I was determined to put in the effort this year and brighten up our outside living room.

Hard work and back ache was worth it and now we can be very German and spend the next months outside, relaxing and barbecuing!

Another great prompt Pam! I love my pretty layout and an excuse to use up half a dozen of my pretty photos :-)

As ever, I have several ideas from this prompt, stored for a rainy day. You never know, I might actually get around to making one or two of them :-)

Have a great Sunday everyone. The new prompt will be up tomorrow morning and I'll be back in a few days due to house guests!

Happy Spring!

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  1. As ever, this page is fantastically spring-inspired. I love all the product you have used here to convey the feeling of Spring. It feels like your older work (which is of course a sincere compliment since I used to love your layered, distressed, colorfully busy pages). I think in the past few weeks your style has evolved and new techniques have seeped into your tool kit, but these are good ones to be reminded of.
    On another note, I adore the photos and the fact that now you will get to enjoy those lazy afternoons BBQuing and enjoying cocktails. :) Love it!


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