Sunday, 1 April 2012

#32 - inspired by a relationship not yet scrapped

I had such a fun time with my Filipino friend last week. Two days of chatting and reminiscing and catching up and getting to know her and her husband all over again as well as introducing them to my new home country. I hope that she had as much of a good time as I did.

I warned you that I knew I would be scrapping about sweet Alice and I've kept true to my word. Although after two days of carrying my camera around and snapping many photos, I realised that most of the shots of just the two of us are on her camera so I desperately hope to get a full copy of her set when she gets home. Does that ever happen to you? You look through your photos and realise that the ones you thought you took are different to what you actually have!

But first, I actually want to share one of my favourite non-people photos I captured when we were in Cologne Cathedral which is a fantastic example of German Gothic architecture. Just to share so to speak! But it did make me realise that I ought to scrap about my love of architecture in a way that I haven't so far. So there is a connection to this week's prompt :-)

Anyway, on to my layout. I used my Counterfeit Kit again as I wanted the design itself to be quite low-key compared to the message. I made the full 12x12 layout and even journalled on it before realising that the story itself hadn't been told. And so the matching add on 12x6 was created where I wrote out more about our friendship.

There is quite a lot of hidden symbolism here as I realised that the kit had three of the colours of the Philippine flag (blue, white and yellow/gold) and that Alice was wearing red in the second photo which was the fourth colour. I stitched a few scattered stars across the layout again, as a nod to the flag and I added a tiny bit of extra red to my kit to just make the red and blue a little more obvious.

Chevrons made a happy return but I added the stitching for interest and to change it up a bit.

Of course, by adding the extra 12x6 page and not making the two sides at the same time I now realise that there are four blocks of chevrons and eight stars - both even numbers (sorry Pam!) and I too like to add elements in odd numbers. Therefore, I might add another star or three to make that an odd number. Can't do anything more with the diagonals to I'll have to think about that! But all in all, pretty happy with this and even if I never made another layout about Alice (although I hope that I will of course!) I now have her documented in my collection. And that's a good thing.

I'm excited to see what relationships you're going to share with us.

Another week is almost upon us and another prompt too. I'm looking forward to seeing what Pam has in store for us.

See you over at our Flickr group ;-)

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