Sunday, 25 March 2012

#31 Inspired by Spring

I was worried that this week I would experience the same creative block I seemed to be under last week. Even though I supply the prompts, sometimes I struggle finding the direction I want to go in and often I struggle to be inspired!

So it is extra-refreshing when it happens. And this week it happened. I started off easy on myself by finding a layout I loved and scrap-lifting it. I feel that picking up a starting off point like that allows me to focus on adding the little elements that make a page my own, while taking the guess work out of the design elements.

Since I knew all the elements I needed I just focused on finding papers and patterns that reminded me of spring. I also added some butterflies and buttons in those shades. Overall, this page helped me feel inspired to create more. So I did!

 For this page I used a color combination provided by Lain for the Scrap Happy inspiration for March. It was the perfect color combo for this Julie FFB crayon-watercolor resist technique {here}.

 I also wanted to show you the drawbacks of journaling right on top of your carefully painted background - you can mess it up! But luckily I am the type of girl that embraces imperfection. {see those almost invisible little strips of paper that allow me to re-write the words i fudged. yeah, I spelled girls as GILRS.)

And since my first two pages weren't really Spring related, I felt I had one more story left in me. This time I used a pretty simple sketch, provided by Lain for Scrap Happy. The simple sketch allowed me to use creative license on the items I use in filling up the designated spots.

 One of the new techniques I tried this week was this gesso+stencil+paint technique. I rather like how it turned out even with all it's imperfections.
I hope you had some time to be outdoors this week and enjoy the simple pleasures of spring. If you had some time to play, we would love to see what you came up with, just add the tag WM#31. Lisa will be back tomorrow with surely a fun challenge for the upcoming week. And just remember we will be at the discussion boards all week to help you along with finding inspiration. So we will see you there!



  1. I know I'm behind in posting comments on these three layouts. Of course you know that I love them. But what I think I love more is the ease with which you seem to just run off these fun, funky, inspiring layouts. Just like you seem to be in fact. I love scrapping but it's never as easy as I think it seems to be for you. Although that said, I managed today's layou in under an hour as I had to get to the airport and was under serious time pressure. And it felt pretty easy! But your light of touch is something i need to work on :-)

  2. Pam...thanks for this prompt this week. I managed to enjoy the sunshine, capture some great photos AND get them scrapped. I have to say that this a post LOAD record for me in terms of completing layouts - 9 so far this month. Between WM and CKC, I am so inspired and motivated. I am always in awe of you and Lisa. Pam...your work is so fresh and funky. Lisa...your work is so romantic and lush with tons of layers and twine and goodness. But I have to say that I may feel like I am finally coming into my own. I'm trying tons of new things like misting and paint splattering and sewing and doodling. I haven't pulled out the gesso yet, but who knows? I love trying this stuff out and embracing what I create...perfect or not. As you know, it's been a rough go for me lately, but I am finding my creative outlet sooo therapeutic. You both are so supportive and I thank you for that.


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