Monday, 19 March 2012

Challenge #31 - Week of March 19th 2012

Well, in celebration of the upcoming Equinox {March 21st - read more about it here} and the wonderful little surprises that have been sprouting and blooming around here, I couldn't resist.

I have recently been inspired to take more pictures of nature and in doing so I have gained a new appreciation for it.

pictures I took around my neighborhood

Who could resist being inspired by this? Weather (get it?) Spring has arrived in your part of the world (and how I hope it has) or even if it is a few weeks away, I hope you will indulge me in celebrating this season.

Now, I have always been a Summer girl. And living in South Florida for a long time I never really noticed much of a change in the seasons. Living in a place with four seasons has given me a renewed appreciation for change, and re-birth and newness.

So choose to take Spring literally and pepper your layout with pretty blooms or choose to take it in a more metaphorical sense and talk about the abstract concept of Spring - your challenge this week is to be Inspired by Spring.

I so look forward to seeing how you interpret this and what Spring means in your life. I know Lisa will have a great take on this as her layouts often remind me of Spring. Happy Vernal Equinox to all.

If you are so inspired, I would love to see your creation in our ever-growing little gallery with the tag WM#31.


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  1. Great prompt and what a lovely collage you've included for us - I love seeing you take nature photos to complement your wonderful people piccies! When I lived in the Phils, one of the things I missed the most was the seasons and the changing daylight hours. We got six months hot and dry, six months hot and wet with almost equal day and night throughout the year ( just an hour or so of difference) and when it went dark, it was within about ten mins. I'd always been a weather and season fan but that brought it home to me just how much. Spring is definely trying to break through here so your prompt is perfect.


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