Monday, 5 March 2012

#28 Inspired by Longing

Well ladies, Lisa had a great challenge for us this week - create a layout about what we long for.

As a girl that was born on a Caribbean Island and spent most of her life in Sunny Florida, the winter months are not my favorite. There are a lot of things I long for. I could have taken this inspiration in many directions. But I decided to keep it airy and light.

I went 8.5x11" which is not really my style and was further inspired by this page {here} as the base for my layout.

"chancletas" is the spanish word I use for flip-flops. As soon as the weather is nice (and I mean above 50 degrees) my feet are permanently housing one of these. It may seem like a lot, but I have an obsession with them. I dislike socks, boots and closed toe shoes. 

I rarely take photos specifically for prompts. I usually just go with what I have, but this week was special. Thank you Lisa for inspiring me to create a page about this story I had never documented before.

Did Lisa inspire you to create a page about your longings? I do hope you will share with us over at our Flick'r gallery with the tag WM#28.


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  1. this is so gorgeous Pam! I love that you took these photos specifically for the layout! I do that all the time even though I have hundreds of photos hanging around to use. I love your collection here - there are some super pretty designs here. I'd love to wear them more often but I have horrible feet. I do when I'm feeling brave though! What a pretty page too - you know that I adore that touch of pink and the doily! I love the light, bright feel to your page. :-)


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