Monday, 6 February 2012

Challenge #25 week of 6 February, 2012

Hello again! So a little late is better than never. Real life has once again gotten in the way of Whimsical Musings. {and that is ok}. In all honesty, I really love that about our blog. Lisa and I are both a testament to how scrapbooking really can play an important part in your life if you make time for it.
True, neither of us have small children {heaven bless those of you who do and still find the time}, but we each have busy, busy lives, families, jobs, hobbies, etc. The list of excuses is endless.

But we still make time.

I love that! Sure, sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, but it is such a relief and delight when a page is completed. We hope that is why you are playing along too. So this week I have a story prompt that was inspired by the fact that I am posting this prompt late!

I thought to myself - "Man, I spend too much time at work". And it's true.

 This little cubicle is where I spend most of my week. Not my bed, as I would love. Not in the family room sharing with my family. Not even my creative space where I create layouts for this blog.

And that's a story I've never told.

If you created a layout based on the story "I spend most of my time ______". What would you fill that blank with? How would your tone sound? Would you sound happy that you spend most of your day at home with your toddlers? Would you sound a little bitter that you spend most of the week doing laundry? Would you sound frustrated at all the hours you spend on the treadmill? Would you romanticize about all the cuddly time you spend with your significant other?

Challenge: Take the line "I spend most of my time _____" and make it yours. Tell the story about a time, present or past, where one activity took up all of your time. 

I know I have several ideas floating around - (in fact I am working on a layout about work right now). Consider a compare and contrast between what you used to do and what you do now. Or a pie chart representing the breakup of your day. The possibilities are endless. I hope you are inspired to create and play along.

You will be glad you told this story. Be honest with yourself and examine your life. Write down those feelings. Don't feel bad thinking someone else will read your journaling and judge you. You are/were already spending all of your time doing XYZ. Why not scrap about it? (As a side note, I am little jealous of any of you that gets to make a page that says you spend most of your time scrapbooking).

Can't wait to see where this prompt takes you. We will be back sometime this week with our layout. Remember to peruse our flick'r gallery for additional inspiration.

Sorry again about the delay. I spend most of my time at work.


ps: thank you for understanding and supporting us. we appreciate every single one of our readers!

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