Sunday, 26 February 2012

#27 - inspired by going green

This week Pam challenged us to go green and I did wonder if I'd get extra brownie points if I actually used the colour green, but what a surprise, I didn't use a single item of green I think :-) But the idea was there.

So, the real idea was to recycle or upcycle items (would love someone to explain the difference!), repurpose or reuse.

Now I may not be a natural at this but I do try and keep my eyes open for products that can be used for my scrapping and even recycle products from time to time.

This layout uses regular cooking doilies (my current fave) and string from a set of exchange presents:

And my favourite layout of this LOAD uses a small strip of Prima packaging behind the film strip. Again the doilies and of course, my non-scrapbooking specific twine that I just pick up in my local haberdashery department - I think it's designed for crochet.

So I had a few ideas about what I could do for this challenge and ended up using some old pyjama trousers that I'd had to throw away but couldn't resist keeping some of the fabric because of the gorgeous layered hearts printed on it. I added some stiffener to the back of the fabric and cut out the hearts, deciding to sew them onto my layout as a banner. The obligatory twine and doily and this came together so nicely. Really another one of my faves of the month :-) Look at that scrumptious little bottom! (My sister will most likely kill me for publishing this one!)

And then today, I decided to really challenge myself to create something using as little real scrapbooking product as possible. Grabbing a sheet of cardstock I then rummaged through my supplies and came up with the pile below. I have Prima, K&Co and BasicGrey packaging, kitchen string, cake doilies, another of the cut out fabric hearts, a floristry pin that came one of my floral arrangements, some flags made for my by my sister using regular cocktail sticks and tiny scraps of paper and some pink leaf skeletons that came as a garland round another floral arrangement. I did some fussy cutting on the BG packaging and trimmed the rest so that it would be ready to use.

Then I made up my base, layering as much as I could, leaving out one or two items and adding in another few non scrapbooking items - a parcel label, some coloured ribbon type twine from a present and a bit of gathered t-shirt fabric from, yes you guessed it, a t-shirt that I was going to throw out! Once I reached this stage, I then went off to find a photo and a story to tell!

And here's the final result. The only other product I added in was my title alpha but even here I repurposed a "j" into an "i"!

How far will go you go in your repurposing, recycling or reusing? We can't wait to see. Don't forget to link up over in our Flickr gallery with the tag WM#27.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Pam creates for us and tune in tomorrow for the next challenge.

Wishing you a great week! Oh, and happy Leap Year Day on Wednesday! (ok so I just made that up!)


  1. Heya Lisa, firstly Wednesday IS Leap Day. That is an actual thing. In fact traditionally that is the only day the women were allowed to propose :D

    Recycling is when you use something that is going to be thrown away. Upcycling is when you change its purpose. For example you could turn a shirt into a pillow. Clear as mud?

    LOL. LOVING your work. Totally trying to scraplift you but not coming together on my end so might have to just try one or two elements and go from there.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Your post today gave me an inside look inside your scrapping mind. Love the pictures with all of the close ups to really get a chance to examine your handiwork.

  3. so proud of you for accomplishing all you did. so happy to see you work. so grateful to this little venture of ours. i love you.


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