Monday, 27 February 2012

#27 Inspired by "green"

Well this was a very fun week for me. I challenged myself to try and see everything that came across my hands with new eyes in the hopes of bringing you some really fresh inspiration. As a result, I made 4 layouts I love.

I found inspiration on a tag that came in the mail...

I found inspiration in everyday objects...

I was happy with what I was able to accomplish with things that were not intended for scrapbook pages. And then I saw what Lisa accomplished and my inspiration was renewed. I decided to rumage through my stash, my wastebasket and my house for any other items I could use. And I am glad I did!

Look at all the fun items I found -

One thing I really dislike is the amount of junk mail that I receive every day. On any given week my household gets up to 15 catalogs (most of them in duplicate for each member of my family). The wastefulness really annoys me. 

The one good thing is that these companies spend thousand of dollars on hiring marketing companies to design their catalogs - and as such they are usually up to the trends. Look at that fossil catalog and all that wood grain paper. I just paid some serious money to purchase some of that same pattern.

 I used those scraps to make flowers...
 to create stamped embellishments.
or just punched shaped out of the backgrounds to use as patterned paper.

I was able to create an additional 2 pages (with some items leftover for more).

So there you have it. A week inspired by reusing what others might classify as garbage and finding ways to make it match our style. We hope we were able to inspire you to see things a new way. If you played along, we would love to see what you recycled, reused or re-purposed - just add it to our Flick'r gallery with the tag WM#27. 

Lisa's challenge should be up in a few hours. Woot!


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  1. And there was me pleased with myself for managing two! Great job at looking at things with new eyes. I actually don't get junk mail or catalogues but your stuff looks really interesting!
    This was a fun exercise and you totally rocked it, my friend! Congrats on four awesome layouts and for showing us that it's great to go green!


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