Sunday, 5 February 2012

#23 Inspired by colour

I told you I'd get to this wonderful colour scheme sooner rather than later and am very happy that it was sooner!

I found myself thinking about the colour combination Pam had set us all week and the mix of colours made me think that I'd have nothing in my stash suitable.

Just wonderful colours! 

Not the pink of course, but the citrus and chartreuse. And then it hit me - BasicGrey Sultry. It's perfect. The citrus is very subtle but I knew that I had some yellow in the photo I wanted to use and therefore the mix would be good.

I went with a peachy cardstock to just hold it all together and went with a design I've used over and over again in different incarnations.

Using the LOAD prompt from 4th February "the more things change", I got to thinking how far I've come in life and yet I'm still pretty shy and introverted. I've learnt to cover this up and can stand up and make a presentation at work or a speech at a party but it's so NOT natural for me. I've learnt to make unlimited small talk to my students as part of my job and they never believe me when I tell them that I'm not outgoing and sociable (he he) in my private life. You learn to cover this up becuase it's difficult to function in life if you can't. But it's still terribly hard.

All this came from a photo I've been itching to use for years of me performing for a school Christmas production. It was just a sketch - this was enough! - and we performed Summer Lovin' from Grease and for some reason that I will never really understand - probably me just being bossy! - I ended up in the Olivia N.J. role of Sandy! Hence all the pastel colours. We mimed to the song as there wasn't a decent singer among us and even though I think that even the girls at the back of the hall could see my knees knocking together, we had a BALL! It was SO much fun. But that's the only time I have ever performed on a stage. And that's the way it will be. I'm just so grateful that someone took a photo of it so that I can see exactly how much fun it was!

Thanks Pam for being patient with me and for giving us such a beautiful combination of colours to work with. I loved making this ├╝ber-pretty layout and reliving my short 15 minutes of fame!

I'll be back later with my letter layout and Pam will be delighting us once more tomorrow with a new prompt.

Watch this space!

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