Sunday, 12 February 2012

#25 Inspired by time

Pam asked us to think about the phrase "I spend most of my time..." which was inspired by a long, unscheduled day at work.

I considered doing something about how I talk ALL day long. Talking English to non-native speakers, making small-talk, talking business English, discussing news or current affairs, going over about grammar rules or common mistakes. That would have made an interesting layout I think but I couldn't think of a photo off the top of my head.

So instead I went with a direction relating to the past which ties in with LOAD that we are both doing right now concentrating on our past stories.

I'd seen this cute little photo once or twice this week while trying to decide which to scan and use but hadn't really come up with a reason to scrap it. But today I looked at it again and realised that it reminded me of long, summer holidays where we went out on our bikes all day, just hanging out and having fun. We lived in a different time without any sort of communication (our mums had no idea where we were all day!) and no sense of real danger. We lived in a quiet, village-type part of town and the roads were quiet and all my school friends were just a bike ride away. A few years later we moved to another part of town which was nowhere near my friends and bike unfriendly. I think I stopped going out on my bike on the day we moved :-(

Anyway, just a mix of products for this great prompt.

I have high hopes of coming back to many of our prompts again in the future so that I can do them again, taking them in different directions and this is certainly one for the list.

Which way will you take this prompt? Can't wait to see :-)

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  1. you've done it again. You have taken something I was inpsired by on a whim and turned it into scrapbooking perfection. You inspire me! I love everything you've done here and the story you chose to tell. I think it is a great photo (with those socks!) and a lovely memory. Thanks for humoring me.


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