Sunday, 5 February 2012

#24 Inspired by handwritten letters

In this age of sms, email and Facebook, I might be considered a little old-fashioned because I love to write real letters. I'm not saying it isn't hard - we don't write much these days, do we? My hand starts to ache and my handwriting leaves a lot to be desired but the hand-written word has always been important to me.

I had various penpals when I was younger, I always sent (and still send) out Thank You letters after birthdays, Christmas or visits, I always write postcards when I travel and have several thousand from over the years, I had a romantic letter-based relationship with my first boyfriend when he moved back to France, I've always tried to keep in touch with people via letter and I still have every single letter I received during my 15 months in France 86-87 and also during my 15 months in the Philippines 97-98 (although by that time, email was really beginning to kill off letters). I have letters from over the years from all parts of my life and probably could find them in every single corner of my home and memory boxes. Several spring to mind when I think about meaningful letters.

But I've been going through some old boxes of photos because of LOAD and also some memorabilia that my mum gave to me from when I was tiny and I came across the sweetest little letter and decided that it would be the one.

Not a lot has changed since I wrote this note. It's funny to think that this is another side of me that remains the same :-) Guess that's why Germany suits me so much!

I have no idea when I wrote the note but judging by the handwriting it must have been my first or second year of school. I don't have many photos of me from that time so the one I used is a little earlier - the summer before I started school. But near enough.

Testing out Pam's guide to taking photos at night - still not brilliant but maybe better than usual. The journalling doesn't show up at all however.  Can you read the note?

Ah, loopy twine!

I hope you had fun finding letters to include on your layout or perhaps writing a letter to someone as part of your journalling - it's such a personal touch. Don't forget to upload your layouts to Flickr with the tag WM#24 - we love to see how you interpret the prompts!

Pam will be here in the morning for another prompt and I love the anticipation of waiting to see what she is challenging us with. I always have a little time in Starbucks before work on a Monday morning and it's such a thrill to check into the blog to see what she's thought up for me and you.

It makes Monday mornings so much nicer, don't you agree? ;-)

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  1. agreed - Mondays are great with WM posts :)
    Lisa, love your childhood letter. Reminds me of our oldest and yet another story I added to my list of stories needing told :)
    And blogspot just ate my comment. It seemed to delete it into cyberspace, so I'm trying again! :)


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