Sunday, 5 February 2012

#24 inspired by handwritten letters

I absolutely adore this prompt. I have so many handwritten letters. I have been lucky enough to receive and wise enough to keep so many little notes and messages over the years. I seldom scrap these.

Early on in the week I created a layout which some of you have already seen in the gallery.

The photo section acts as a big pocket where I included a selection of letters. Although you can see the two different handwriting peeping out, I wanted to do this prompt justice by creating a layout featuring another's handwriting. 

So last night as I was laying in bed, the idea for this layout came to me. I jumped out of bed to search for the letter I had in mind before the inspiration passed. 

Because scrapbooking my father is a difficult subject for me (we have a complicated relationship), I spent the better part of today creating this layout. In fact, I would take breaks in between. I kept getting stuck.

The highlight of making this page however, was that the mailman showed up in the middle of the process and  - I had an envelope from Germany! Yes, our sweet Lisa sent me a cute little card. I adore it.

  I love the little butterflies so much, that I adhered them straight unto what I was working. 

 I find that whenever I scrap a difficult topic the artiness of it all goes on overdrive. So I ended up with something like this.
But in the end I really disliked the results. In all my artiness I had lost my design focus and I felt the page couldn't breathe. So I went back to the drawing board and created some breathing room.

The final results feel more like me. I am happy to have included the original envelope (12 years old), the line of journaling (yes, that was all he wrote on the 8.5x11 sheet he mailed) and Lisa's sweet butterflies. Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa!

If you used handwritten letters in your pages this week we would love to see it, just remember to upload it with the tage WM#26. I am loving all the action our little gallery is getting lately with folks re-visiting older prompts. I'll be back Monday with our new challenge. Can't wait to see what Lisa creates!


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  1. I love that first layout with the letters peeking out from behind the photo - makes me want to take them out and read about these brothers. The wood plank paper is gorgeous too - will have to keep my eyes open for that.

    So happy my little card arrived in time! I just thought it would be nice to "surprise" (he he - my "list") you! I thought the butterflies were gorgeous but in my haste to send them out, I forgot to keep some for myself - I'll have to go and get some more! :-)

    And as for your second layout. Words fail me. I am a little overcome by emotion at the simplicity of the message you have recorded here. The design is great and the second layout is definitely gorgeous but the highlight are those three words. I'm going to have to email you...

    thanks for embracing this as fully as you did. I'm flattered. :-)


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