Sunday, 12 February 2012

# 25 Layout about Time

Hello lovely ladies!

I am back with another completed layout. As you may remember, I was a little late posting last week's challenge due to a very hectic schedule {and/or poor time management}, which inspired me to tell the story of how much time I spend at work.

And so I challenged us to explore past or present times where most of our time has been taken up by a certain activity and our feelings about it.

I wasn't sure where this would take me. All week my heart was set on making a page about a time when I used to be able to sleep all day. Perhaps I will visit that inspiration again. But the page that resulted was a combination of some of the prompts from Lain's LOAD which Lisa and I are both participating in right now.

I was inpired by 1. things I miss, 2. school days and 3. a time when I used to spend most of my time doing ______. And this was the result.

I am particularly happy with this layout. These are some of my favorite pictures with the people that for a long time where my everything. {isn't it funny how you fall out of touch with your high school friends}.

I have an entire scrapbook about my high school days, but I made it fairly recent after highschool, so the perspective of having time pass is a welcome addition to my collection.

I hope you were inspired to create as well. Can't wait to see what Lisa made. {please remember to tag your layout WM#25 in the gallery}.

Until next week,

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  1. love the combining of inspiration prompts for this light, happy layout. you've hardly changed a bit! :-) Love how easy this layout looks. Getting onto mine now...


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