Monday, 28 May 2012

#40 inspired by clothes

Pam and I were exchanging sms earlier this evening and discovered we shared a strange phenomenon. When it's our time to set the challenge, we both think how easy this one will be and how many ideas we have for the prompt. But then when we sit down to create our layout, it seems really hard suddenly, and all those ideas have vanished and the blank page is staring back at us.

Well, maybe it's not so dramatic for Pam but she seemed to agree with me! :-)

This week was no different. I thought about it all week. I had all sorts of ideas. I could have gone in all sorts of different directions but with LOAD and everything, I just didn't get around to getting the right photos for my contrast of the casual versus business clothes layout which was my main idea. And my photos are in a mess right now as far as organisation is concerned so I didn't stand much chance of being able to find the exact photos I'd have needed for any of the other ideas I'd had.

But then I remembered a random photo I had printed out some time ago - I have no idea why I decided to print it but it worked for me today.

And then I realised that this photo is a really good example of another of the Lisa contradictions. (I could make a series of those!)

I love to wear jeans and t-shirts but given the chance to dress up for a special occasion, I'm there! I have a whole section of clothes in my wardrobe for such times - long, short, party, cocktail, you name it, I have an outfit suitable. And of course, matching shoes and handbags. And this from the girl who hates clothes shopping :-)

I used my May Counterfeit kit but added in a couple of items (hexagons, the chipboard and the brads) to keep it pretty. The paper did most of the work for me here. I think I'm going to need more of this MME paper. So gorgeous.

Pam has already shared a layout with us already but she'll be putting up a post here later on and a new challenge will be ready for you tomorrow.

Don't forget to share your creations with us over at Flickr with the tag WM#40. We love to see your interpretations of our prompts and each of you makes us very happy.

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  1. hey, i know this picture! love all the girlie details for this girlie layout. I love this contradiction about you. I am not at all like this. I don't really dress down or dress up. I don't own sweats or gowns, so it's fun to see people that do.


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