Sunday, 20 May 2012

#39 Inspired by Lisa-like clusters

This week flew by. 

But here we are again with another post... this time on time! ;)

I usually have embellishments of some sort on the page. I sometimes "cluster" them, but they are mostly mini clusters on one of the edges to accent some additional journaling. 

However, I seldom go all out and cluster an area of the page the way Lisa seems to so easily accomplish.

This made this challenge, well, challenging for me! But I set out to not disappoint. The first thing I needed to find were special pictures to pretty up. One of the hangups I have with clusters is that I feel they take up too much time and I am a speedy scrapper. But when the pictures are meaningful you want to take the extra time to make it extra pretty. At least that's how I see it.

So I finally decided to scrap these two photos -

A little background story - My grandma and I were talking about fashion from her time and she started pulling out pictures of her in dresses from years ago. I recognized the dress pictured above from one of my favorite photos of my mom. While I was living in Puerto Rico my great-aunt gave me the picture on the bottom of my mom in her teens - and having lost my mom to cancer in 1991 I treasure any photo I can find of her. I knew it was the same dress. My grandma insisted it was her dress and that maybe my mom had borrowed it for a party, but after showing her my picture, which she had never seen before she changed her story. The girls on the bottom pictures are clearly dressed to go to the same party. Anyway, now I have two photos of two generations of my family wearing the same dress and not a single story to go along with them... 

But i love the pictures so much I couldn't help but scrap them. 

What I love is that I still stayed true to my colors and elements. It feels like my style, yet it definitely stands out in my collection of pages as a special page.

How did you do with your clusters this week? If you made a cluster, big or small, we'd love to see it in the gallery tagged as WM#39.

Until next time.


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  1. Even though there's no story behind your photos, I love the story behind the photos! How funny that you have two independent photos with the same dress and your grandmother can't pinpoint why! Such a great snippet of real life. And what a darling layout. You did so well with this and I can see how much time and extra effort you put in to make these special photos extra pretty. I adore the button flowers with the hand-cut leaves and the scattering of butterflies and then all the little add in elements. So cute! This is definitely a Pam layout but it makes me a very happy girl to see a bit of me in there! Love it!


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