Monday, 14 May 2012

#38 challenged by Mondays

Ok, so confession time.

Mondays make me feel like this  {click here for image source}-


Always have, since I was in school. 

Originally, that was the story I wanted to document... but as I thought more about it, I couldn't think of pictures to express that... so I sat on it.

Then it occurred to me that my current circumstances don't lend themselves to that feeling. And so the final result was inspired by the title and end scene of the movie "10 things I hate about you"

... in case you've never watched it, here is the link {10 things I hate about you end scene}

And here's my page -

design wise I kept it really simple. Didn't really need any pictures to tell my story. Just focused on the journaling, and in case it is hard to read, the list goes like this: 1.       Ends the “weekend” – for everybody else, 2.       Everything seems closed - favorite restaurants, hair salons…, 3.       Everyone is back at work and can’t hang out, 4.       I’m done with school, so no real reason to go into the city, 5.       It’s theaters day-off, so no plays, 6.       Commuters create traffic and busy streets, 7.       Most errands happen on this day, 8.       Usually no coffee although I don’t get to sleep in,  9.       Most office holidays happen on this day, 10.   But the truth is, I don’t hate this day, not even a little bit, not even at all. It is my third day off!

Thanks for playing along for another week. Can't wait to see what you all come up with in our flick'r gallery. Please remember to tag your layouts correctly as WM#38 for this challenge.

Oh, and ps: Happy Monday!


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  1. I love this "Pam" page. So you. So perfect. Love this list of things and your final sentence. And go you for combining challenges!


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