Monday, 28 May 2012

#40 Inspired by clothes

Confession: I love clothes... and shopping... and my closet... and dressing up.

My personal style is much like my scrapbook style - lots of bold colors and whimsy and mismatched patterns, so as soon as I read the challenge I knew I would turn up with layouts I loved.

I ended up completing two layouts about two different aspects of "clothes" which I wanted to document.

Sister Style
 this first layout was born to document my sister and I's unique style and the fact that every time we go out, we don't just put on clothes... we put together outfits! Even a trip to the supermarket requires accessories and picture-worthy ensembles.

 Luckily, right before I sat down to do this, I received a knock on the door - UPS with a package from Amy Tan full of goodies from her latest American Crafts line. The line so fits in with my style and so it was perfect for this. I personalized it by adding some doodling and ink to the embellishments.

The long skinny alphas were difficult to line up but I like the look of the same alphas in different colors.
another way I personalized the Amy Tan line was by coloring in some areas of the b-side of that paper with a pink marker. And one of my favorite things to use, is the strip at the bottom of papers, and the one from that green/stars paper was perfect for this page.

outfit deconstruction

 this is one of my favorite layouts in a while. I struggled with how I wanted to portray this story... until it came to me this morning with LOAD's Sketchy Sunday sketch. Then I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I searched for the perfect pictures to deconstruct my outfits and I couldn't find the right ones. I wanted to crop them to focus on each elements but they were mostly too small to notice the details. So I did something I seldom do - take photos for a prompt. Whenever I do, I end up loving those pages the most, so maybe I should give in more often.
I used some more of the Amy products, with the confetti tag and colorful paper for my circles. Also, because the subject was clothes I felt the fabric paper was perfect for this. 

And I also created pleats (something inspired by Lisa's use of washi tape seen on a recent layout) with fabric scraps. I loved adding these textures to this otherwise flat layout.

I hope you enjoyed this extended look into my layouts for this week. Each week I am glad I belong to this community that inspires me so much. I love sharing with you and learning from you. And each week Lisa pushes me to create something I wouldn't have otherwise had in my albums.

If you were as inspired as I was, please share with us. I know I'll love it. (The tag is WM#40).

I will be back tomorrow morning with a new challenge, and it's a funky one. ;)



  1. Two amazing layouts. Really super with so much colour and doodling and fun mini photos. Got to love these peeks into your wardrobe! you really took this prompt and made it your own. I'd love to do a similar layout but know that my deconstruction would be pretty boring. I dont care enough these days which is a bit sad. But I'm making more of an effort now with my business clothes. I'm even remembering to put on a necklace every day. Maybe I'll improve. When I do, I'll make a layout!

  2. these are amazing!! absolutely love them both and adding them to my Pinterest board now.


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