Monday, 7 May 2012

#37 Inspired by questionnaires

I spent all week thinking about Pam's prompt this week coming back to what she said about reaching out across the miles to someone. But somehow, it just didn't happen. I had a dozen and one things on my list and just got overwhelmed and behind on everything. Which is a shame. I thought it might have been fun to question my mum or even my brothers and sisters.

Never mind, adding it to the list!

But then inspiration hit yesterday when I was thinking about the day out we'd had last weekend up at the German North Sea coast. It was wild! I loved it. It was exactly what I'd hoped for. It's a long long time since I was last at the seaside and had added it to my "list". I was thrilled to get there at last.

And then I matched up that wonderful feeling I could still feel with a list of word prompts that I'd seen online and a version of which I tracked down on Pinterest (here).

Then it was clear that I was going to use the very imperfect iPhone photo selfie I'd taken on the beach. The LOAD sketch was simple and just what I needed to lay out the elements I wanted to include and then I finished off this double duty challenge by using my March Counterfeit kit, Soothe. The muted colours were perfect for the mood I wanted to convey.

So, once again, I end the week with more ideas for future layouts, but that's part of the fun of these challenges - my list is getting pretty long :-)

Looking forward to seeing what create for this prompt and to picking up some question ideas to add to that inspiration list!

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