Sunday, 4 December 2011

#16 Inspired by birthdays

I've been battling this cold for the last two weeks and am only just beginning to feel "normal" again so I was slow to create this week ;-)

But on Monday I challenged you to create about your birthday - adding a whimsical twist to the subject of course. How did you get on with that? I realised that I was much more comfortable creating this page than I would have been if I had scrapped just about the birthday itself. It probably has something to do with the type (or lack of) photos I take.

This year, I only took a couple because I was ill which was so sad as it was a truly incredible day, November-wise. So that's what I decided to capture on this simple page. I used muted colours on the page which would normally be perfect for a November day (grey and overcast is the usual where I am) and as a contrast to the reality of the day. The paper was too lovely to cover up as well so I left it pretty much as it came with just a small cluster at the bottom to lift it a little.

I'm in love with these banners right now. You might see more of them ;-)

I can't wait to see your birthday pages. Don't forget to link up in the gallery (here) with the tag WM#16.

I know that Pam has had a wild week which will only come to an end tomorrow (she's been celebrating all week the lucky thing!) so she might be a little late posting her layout and the new challenge. Just so that you know!

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