Thursday, 22 December 2011

#19 Layout created with scraps

So like everyone else around here, I am busy celebrating and spending time with family this week. But I find a sense of calm in creating, so I pushed myself to create tonight: a) to give myself a mental break and b) to finally clear my desk.

 As you remember, I challenged us all to create a layout with whatever remains were on our desk. So in a moment of truth and honesty, here is what my desk looked before I got started.

{the mess was so embarrassing to me, I had to add some actions to the photos to make them look "cool"}. After I cleared up a space for me to work and collected all the random bits, I came up with this.

not very inspiring, huh? For the most part it doesn't even match. The paper is in its majority from a Scenic Route beach paper with surf boards and one with snowflakes, plus a scrap of American Crafts striped paper. Add some random buttons and two punches from cardboard and some twine. But I was determined to show you that if you use your imagination, you can make just about anything work. 

with just the addition of my staple white cardstock and a simple photo, I was able to pull together a quick layout.

And if you're curious... this is what the area looked when I was done. 
  What do you say? I think I have enough scraps for one more...?

 For now, this will sit on my desk as it is. {and I ended up no being 100% cleared up, oh well.}

I am in hurry to get back to more of this instead. 

There you have it. Challenge accomplished and a little inside look at my process {and mess}. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. If you had a moment to create, then please share with us. We love to leave comments and have folks play along. Remember to tag it WM#19.

Until next time - xo,

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  1. Love a look 'behind the scenes'. Thanks for sharing!


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