Wednesday, 28 December 2011

#19 Inspired by Scraps

At last! Here I am posting my layout for Pam's challenge #19.

It's taken my some time to get back to my table and apart from a Christmas card I created last night (if you can believe it), this is the first creating I've done for almost two weeks. I'd almost forgotten how to do it!

I posted this photo yesterday showing you how my table looked after creating my WM#18 layout and explained to you that this in unusual. Yes, I make total chaos while I am making a single page and usually end up with about 3 square inches of free space at the end of it, but my table doesn't stay like this for long.

Right away the next morning, I cleared my table to look like this. 

But I kept all those scraps in one place so that I could quickly and easily create this page. And Pam was so right. This came together in minutes! I mean it took me ages to get it finished (we are talking the slowest scrapper in the universe after all) but just grabbing those scraps and making it work made very light work of the process and was so much fun

I went light, bright and girlie. I'm enjoying the bright colours and even coloured cardstock right now. I'm not sure if it will last but sunshine yellow, tangerine, raspberry pink and green seems like a perfect combination right now!

I decided on the design and actually stitched the banner down (can't have a layout without a banner at the moment!) before I even thought about a photo. And this was the first girlie photo that I put my hands on. No story behind it so it was perfect just for a few words to our little headstrong niece! Some of the embellies were out of the same Christmas kit box and then I threw in a sprinkling of other items that were near to hand just to keep it bright and colourful. 

It may not be my usual style but it was a lot of fun and I'm hoping that this is a good start back to creating now that the crazy days are over :-)

And my table now?

5 minutes ago it looked like this:

And now, I'm happy to say it looks like this again:

Ah, that clear table feeling! If it wasn't so late, I'd be dragging everything out again right away to get creating! But it is late, and I'm full of another cold :-( so I'm off to have a steaming hot bath.

As promised, I'll be setting the new challenge (#20) to go live on Monday morning (2nd) so in the meantime, I wish you a wonderful few days from now until your New Year celebrations.

Happy 2012! And here's to a creative start to the new year.



  1. this is exactly what the phrase "better late than never" had in mind. I am so glad you went back and took the challenge because this is just sooo cute. You know I'm a sucker for pretty and this has pretty all over.

    Maybe you'll be inclined to leave your area messy from time to time. ;)

  2. xo Lisa. Stopping in...I'll be back on Monday (or Tues) for next week's challenge. Your desk looks great ;) You should SEE MY SPACE. HOLY MOLEY!! I'm planning to slightly rearrange this little corner of my world next week to ring in the new year (it's not working the way it's set up right now -- it takes me about 6 mos to figure this stuff out -- and we moved about 7 mos ago so I'm right on schedule)


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