Monday, 5 December 2011

Challenge #17 Week of 5th of December 2011

Hello again friends. I have had a very fun week celebrating my Birthday with my best friend as Lisa mentioned. Now, I know you all think I'm spoiled to be getting a whole week off to party. But trust me, my birthday has never been this big of a deal. I just got lucky this year.

Anyway, because I have loads to catch up on and because I know some of you are participating in December Daily/ preparing for the Holidays / making handmade gifts, etc... I will keep the challenge simple this week.

Here is my little example -

the entire purpose of this page? To use those photos. Why? because I love them. The journaling/title/page isn't about the date, time and place. It doesn't tell a story about this day or why we took those pictures. It is a 'just because' page, and I am ok with that. Now, I know some of you may be cringing. How can I take time off to just play when I have so many important moments to document? Simple, I just do. If you are making 5 or 20 or 100 layouts a year, I am sure you are getting those details in there somewhere.

But often we have this picture (or pictures) that keep getting pushed to the end of the pile simply because we don't have a story. Your challenge this week is to take that picture and make a page. Allow yourself to play and have some stress-free fun.

Make a page using a photo or photos which you love - Just Because. 

For journaling or a title try to come up with a quote, saying, lyrics, leave them out altogether or go with "just because". Keep it simple. This is about that picture you love. Trust me, it will feel good.

As always, Lisa and I will post our fun pages by next Sunday. If you decide to play along, please add it to our flick'r gallery so we can all be inspired by you and tag it as WM#17.

Until next time {oh and Be Awesome Today}.



  1. I'm trying the "be awesome" today but it's Monday and I still feel less than 100% and only slept 90 minutes last night :-(

    Great challenge. Really great! I love it. And I mostly scrap just for fun so this is perfect! Like you said to me, most of my scrapping recently has been for specific challenges or commissions so it'll be lovely to just go my way and I have more than enough of these types of photos! Thanks!

    Your page is so cute! love it

  2. Love this Pam. Hopefully I'll be back this week :) Your challenge was right in my Celebration of Me wheelhouse (to quote my husband!) from a few days ago. BE AWESOME TODAY indeed :) Thanks for the reminder! Heidi

  3. Love the use of circles what a great page!!


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