Monday, 12 December 2011

Challenge #18 Week of 12th December 2011

Sorry for the delay everyone...

Well guys, Christmas is now well and truly knocking at the door. Are you ready and organised? Or are you like me - in chaos?!?

Whatever stage of preparation you are in and however you celebrate, I'd like you take a few minutes this week to recognise some of the details that make this time of year special for you.

I wrote a post for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog (which will be posted on Sunday 18th)  which covers exactly this topic. In that post, I talk about the fact that I tend to make more of these detail types of pages than the event of Christmas itself because it's the details that might get lost over the years. I'm not going to forget the people who sit around our table each year but the thrill of seeing the Christmas Market for the first time each November, or the gorgeous decorations I choose each year, or the fantastically stylish window displays in the city, may well slip my mind.


What details will you choose to share this week? I can't wait to see this holiday season through your eyes!

Don't forget to upload your creations over on Flickr with the tag WM#18.

Now back to work on trying to get a grip on things :-)


  1. Lisa - stopping by. I've been SLACKING ;) Actually, admist lots of plans for this & that over here in real life leaving little time for play :( :( :( Loved this post. I have just the pictures :) I need to play "catch up" on the last few weeks. Maybe this week?!?! I miss you ladies! I'll check the Flickr site tonight. I saw both yours & Pam's lovely LOs in the posts here from last week. As always, totally inspiring. I want to look at your LO which I think features torn fabric paper unless I was seeing things?? xoxo and holiday cheer from Guelph, Ontario....Heidi

  2. fantastic pictures Lisa. Just what I need to get in the spirit. I really envy your photographing skills. I will try to think about what really makes this special.

  3. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures, Lisa! I love the idea remembering the details. That is such a great way to remember all of those special moments! Great post!!

  4. I just revisited this post Lisa to see your photos. I'm in love with them....


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