Monday, 19 December 2011

Challenge #19 Week of 19th of December 2011

Another busy week down and one closer to that special time. By this next next Sunday, Christmas will be essentially over. How fast time flies! 

Mostly this week I want you to concentrate on spending time with those you love. I want you to take deep breaths and remind yourself when things get hectic, what the purpose of this Holiday is for you. Whether the meaning be religious or not, I am sure it is about much more than presents, cooking and trying to please everyone. So, don't stress out too much. Be kind to others as you come across shoppers and attendants. Smile and greet others with warm wishes.

That is your true challenge for this week. But lest we forget what this blog is all about, I do have a scrap-related challenge as well -- and it truly is scrap related.

If you are anything like me, your area is probably overflowing with half-finished projects you're are vowing to get done in time for the opening of the presents. And you probably are wondering how you will ever uncover your desk from this mess. Well, I want to challenge you to use those scraps and things found on your desk to create a layout. I'm serious! I don't want a piece of patterned paper bigger than 3"x3". {in the event your desk is tidy and clean right now - I want you to write me an extensive email telling me how you do it}. 

You know I love scraps - and you might think I am cheating, but often that is how I clean up my mess. I take all those random little bits and instead of putting them away or finding a place for them, I just use them up. So go ahead and use those bits of paper, the rest of that sticker sheet, those unused buttons you brought out and the ribbon you didn't use on your December Daily.

Here is a link I found with some ideas to get you started on what to do with those scraps {65 ways to use your scraps by Sweetly Scrapped}. 

And I leave you with a sampling of my own use of scraps.
Wishing for warmer weather right about now...

use scraps to create your own patterned paper background

So, if you decide not to take the week off, play along with the first photos you find and all those bits left on your desk. It will be fun. I can't wait to see what turns out {don't forget to upload and tag WM#19}. And I am giddy with the excitement that I will get to clear parts of my desk as I work on my challenge this week. {I'll be photographing and uploading my desk as it stands for your viewing horror}. 



  1. Nice chalalnge although you are going to hate the fact that I'm a tidy craft person and generally clear my space after each and every project! I am not like that in any other part of my life but I can't even begin to think about a new layout if the table is covered with stuff. Saying that however, this morning there were a few things lying around from last night's layout as it was really late so I took a photo of it and will post it over at Flickr later on. But then I HAD to tidy it up so that I can start again (again photo!). So, normally I wouldn't be able to do this scraps challenge but this week you struck lucky and I will use the leftovers from my WM#18 challenge layout :-) Fun!

    I like your reminder to be calm and friendly and polite this week. I'm usually over friendly and polite in shops etc here as customer service is not a strong point in Germany and I try to be more polite to compensate for them ;-) But I am stressed and my tree is STILL naked! so I will try to remember your words!

  2. Pam - LOVE using scraps here as well!! lovely LOs. And oh my gosh. I can barely SEE my desk right now!!! However, it's not REALLY because of goodness happening on my desk :( it's just a mess in general (as is most of the ROOM) at this point in time :( :( Man...I gotta get busy or else I will be stressed!!!! Heidi


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