Monday, 15 October 2012

Challenge # 61 Week of October 15, 2012


Don't worry. It's not pirate week! 

I just thought it'd be nice, wonderful, fabulous, entertaining, cute and funny to introduce this post that way.

I am feeling sassy, daring & bold this week, so I thought you wouldn't mind if I acted a little quirky & nutty.

And if by now you haven't caught on that something is up then you might be a little helpless, uptight or confused.

Have you guessed what your challenge is?


I think layouts like this one say so much.

we are

Your challenge this week is to use one, a few or a whole lot of adjectives to describe a person, place or thing in your life! 

I sincerely hope you don't think this challenge is lame, dull, crazy or boring and that your are excited, enthusiastic and thrilled to embark on this journey of words with us and create something whimsical. Here's a little help to get you started: List of Adjectives.

Dare to be brave this week and remember to post your creation on our gallery so we can be jealous, proud and happy.

have a FANTASTIC week.


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