Sunday, 14 October 2012

#60 inspired by Frosted Autumn colours

I'm happy to be here today with a quicker internet than yesterday so that this post does NOT take me four hours to complete! Long story but anyway, those of you with good WIFI at home should count your blessings! Ha ha!

I picked out the Frosted Autumn colour scheme by Design Seeds for us this week and I have to admit I'm in love with it.

I could easily make a whole pile of pages using these colours in different quantities or shades. From true autumnal pages that you may have expected from me through to this one which is anything but!

I discovered by chance that my October Counterfeit kit, Brighter, had almost all the colours in the scheme and I went with it. I turned the mustard yellow a bit brighter and the citrus into more of a citrus green and then all I needed was the darker brown which I added in through the letters. I need to remember them more often - I have white, brown and really dark brown in two fonts and they are the perfect small size for titles. Note to self to store them somewhere more obvious!

Without wanting to jinx myself with my internet connection and push my luck, I'm going to keep it short and hope that you find/have found time to join in on this week's prompt. I love how we all take it in different directions and I can't wait to have time to go through the gallery (which is impossible right now - but soon I promise!).

If you do create, don't forget to share over in the Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#60

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